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Keane & Marlowe, LLP was founded almost thirty years ago when Christopher P. Keane, Jr. expanded his maritime practice to include Mary Ann C. Marlowe.   Their combined experience since then has enabled them to handle a broader spectrum of maritime and related commercial disputes which continues to this day.

  • Cargo damage, general average, ship management & related insurance coverage

  • Sale & purchase of goods

  • Time & voyage charter party & bill of lading disputes

  • Cargo, ship & insurance brokerage entities

  • Negotiation of charter parties & contracts of affreightment




Keane & Marlowe, LLP handles various types of shipping, transportation, insurance and commercial matters, including brokerage concerns, and U.S. flag regulatory matters.


   The firm specializes in international and domestic maritime business transactions advising and representing, among others, owners, charterers, operators, traders, and brokers involved in various types of commercial and private transactions, giving legal opinions when advisable or requested.

   Keane & Marlowe, LLP has been the party-appointed counsel in a number of significant international arbitration disputes. Mr. Keane has additionally served as a party-appointed arbitrator on a number of panels requiring legal as well as commercial man experience. 

   The firm also serves as special maritime counsel for international shipping companies which are headquartered overseas and require maritime advice concerning issues arising in the United States.

   In addition to providing its clients with forty-five years of legal experience in resolving disputes, Keane & Marlowe, LLP offers retainer services on a wide-range of matters, including, but not limited to, those noted in 'Practice Areas'.

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