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Gradient Ocean
  • American Coastal Agencies, Inc. - AMCO, NY

  • APJEM Technologia E Servicos LTDA, Brazil*

  • Bonnabel, Henry J. - NY, NJ & FL

  • Cargill Incorporated. (MN) & Cargill Fertilizer Inc. - FL, MN

  • Citibank NA - NY

  • Eitzen Chemical S/A (Norway & CT)

  • International Ship Management & Agency Services, Inc. - NY, NJ, FL

  • International Chartering Services, - NY & NJ

  • John P. Tilden & Co., Inc. - NY

  • Miachart, LLC - FL

  • Morgan Stanley Capital Partners - NY

  • The Mosaic Company - MN & FL

  • Nissho Iwai Corporation - Japan

  • Nitron Group Inc. - CT

  • Ruette Spices Ltda - Brazil

  • Salen Dry Cargo AB - Stockholm, Sweden

  • Salen Project Liner Services, Inc. - NY, TX & Saudi Arabia

  • Sea Oil Shipping~Tankers Group of Companies & Subsidiaries - CT and Norway

  • Starlux Corporation/Lexmar Shipping Co, Inc. & Subsidiaries - U.S., Spain, England, France, Sweden, Norway

  • Team Tankers International - Denmark, CT

  • Transatlantic Schiffahrtskontor GMBH - Germany

*Advised and travelled internationally for this petroleum engineering service company to various countries, including Kuwait, Qatar, Trinidad, Brazil and the United States with respect to a patented sludge cleaning process (SGN) used in storage facilities and pipelines. Consulted with Shell Oil and Qatar Petroleum operational personnel regarding the use of the SGN process for the freeing up of frozen LNG pipelines. Interacted with senior personnel at C.E.N.P.E.S. (Petrobras' primary research and development center in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)

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